Have you ever listened to DEV© and said to yourself;

“I could do that! How hard could it be?”

Has anyone ever told you, “You have a sexy voice” or “You should be in radio”

Have you ever wanted to make someone explode into orgasm with words alone?

Now is your chance to become an aural eroticist. A shining star!

We take our listeners comments and suggestions very seriously here at the Manor. Our release of MILF+1 with the sweet young sounds of Lila proved to be a very popular duet. The exciting threesome Evil Twins experience, featuring the sensual voices of Jezebel with Shay has been in big demand since its release. This has made us realise it is time to broaden our scope with new experiences relating to gender, ethnicity, orientation, and age amongst others.

We are looking for pleasure givers to become the new Voices of DEV©. We have been busy creating hot new scripts for Directed Erotic Visualisation experiences specially written for new voices. Don’t worry, your favorite voices will still be sharing pleasure with you, but if you fancy a little something different on the side, we will soon have that available as well.  As always, we do so love giving you pleasure.

If you have never recorded an erotic story before please use one of the scripts provided HERE.

Successful Voices will be recognised as a ‘Voice of DEV©’. You will receive a contract for a DEV© recording and a one-time commensurate industry standard payment upon completion. More importantly, you’ll receive the chance to give pleasure to millions. DEV©  experiences have been downloaded nearly 2.7 million times since 2008 and caused a conservative 7.6 million Orgasms!*

The Details

We are not big on rules here at the Manor, but I’m afraid we must insist that you have a great time while recording. Orgasms are often part of the process, so enjoy the perks and give us your best shot.

Please make sure to use only the email address: info@alternatepress.co.uk and include Voices Audition in your Subject line.

Fine Print

Remember to include your legal name and if you choose, a pseudonym to use in lieu of your name. (Successful Voices of DEV© pseudonyms to be approved by eSensual Books prior to publication). Your information is safe with us. We never sell or give out our listeners’ or collaborators information to anyone.

All rights of your audition and any subsequent recordings belong to Alternatepress Limited/eSensual Books. Your audition audio may be used for future promotional pieces with or without your preferred name (But never your real name!). You release rights to use their preferred name in conjunction with DEV© and eSensual Books for promotional purposes.

Being selected and recording the promotional DEV© in no way constitutes an employment contract with Alternatepress Limited/eSensual Books.

Any and/or all contracts will be on a per audio basis for a one- time fee. Payment will be made via PayPal and will be a one-time fee for services rendered.


If you don't have access to a recording suite or studio then a quiet room with heavy drapes (curtains) and soft furnishings can work. Another good place for recording is in a walk-in closet (the clothing buffers outside noise). It is such a romantic job giving pleasure to others!

If you make an error recording do not stop, simply make a loud noise to mark it and continue. You will be able to edit your mistakes later.

We recommend Audacity free software for recording and a free standing mic if you have one.

If using a headset mic, remember to not move your head too much while in the throes of orgasm.

Remember if you have your thermostat set on auto, the heat/ac may come on/off creating a background hum. Also be aware that even an electric clock in the room will make a ticking sound. We get used to the sounds around us and stop hearing them until we record things!

It is recommended that you ask your pets to stay out of the room while you record. Close your windows to block traffic, trains, etc.

Breaths can be edited, so remember to breathe and speak slowly, but naturally. You can find more guidance and advice HERE

Imagine yourself making love to a partner and how you would speak to them. If you are not familiar with DEV© listen to our free samples or choose a favorite from our titles to get a feel for how the experience unfolds.

Enjoy yourself and submit to us now!

DEV©: Making the world better, one orgasm at a time

Voices of DEV© Auditions

let the words sink in and carry you away Feel everything so real! Experience the Fantasy